Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Can I Download From Different Sites

Hello everybody this is my first article on this blog and I will explain some ways to help people to download from different site . In fact a lot of people suffer from difficulties in how to download from sites , for example, how to download from Soundcloud and how to download from Youtube this are some examples of people problems with downloading from sites . This is a big problem which face a lot of people who use internet continuously,but there are some solutions for each problem let me explain how to download from this sites.

How To Download From Youtube

Many people ask how to download from youtube and this is very easy . Ok,let me show some ways about how to download from youtube .The First way is going to any site which give you the ability to download video direct such as savefrom.net .The second way is downloading programs which are specialist in downloading from youtube such as youtube downloader hd you can download it from softonic . The third way which many people perfer it .

 How To Download From Soundcloud

It's similar in youtube in downloading problem which many people searching for the easiest way to download songs and tracks from Soundcloud which contains a lot of tracks and songs . The best way to download from soundcloud is Soundcloud Downloader tool you can download it from cnet and this video explain how to download from soundcloud with Soundcloud Downloader . 
Of course,there are many ways,but I prefer the Soundcloud Downloader . Another way to download from soundcloud by going to the sites and submit your soundcloud track link and this site will give you a direct link to download this track - you can use this site soundcloud-download.com.

How to download pictures from flicker

Many people want to download pictures from flicker,but they didn't know how to download picture with different sizes so I will give you some steps to download from flicker faster . First,go to flicker and search for your picture which you love it,then click on the picture you will find a figure like three points beside each other click on this figure then you will see a list click on view all sizes and you will go to a new page where you can download the pictures with different sizes.